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Unfortunately we all know that we can’t put everything what we are working in, on a simple blog, I have to understand this since years ago when I worked at some government department. But I can show what I am doing now just for fun and for registry to me in the future.

we were had some problems here, especially when we’d need to try validate a lot of forms that involved things like UITextField, UISegmentedControl, etc. To solve this issue I had to create one class with methods like:

.insert(object, checkType, labelError, errorMessage) // magic goes here.
.showErrors() // print on screen all erros like below
.count() // return the quantity of erros below
.result() // return if all tests are passed or no.

and the code is easily readable:

@IBAction func onActAll(sender: AnyObject)
    if ruleThis.result() == false {
    } else {
        print("Do your segueway or something after success.")

(You set a trigger for validation, here a button to Next Screen)

Then you assign function pointers to the stack os Validations.

override func viewDidLoad() {

    ruleThis.insert(object: textFieldCPF,
        function: checkIfCPFisValid, errorLabel: labelMessageCPF,
        errorMessage: "CPF inválido, sua mensagem personalizada aqui.")

    ruleThis.insert(object: textFieldPassword, 
        function: checkIfPasswordIsValid, errorLabel: labelMessagePassword,
        errorMessage: "Sua senha não preenche os resquisitos mínimos de segurança, tente novamente")

    ruleThis.insert(object: textFieldInputCEP, 
        function: checkIfCEPisValid, errorLabel: labelMessageCEP, 
        errorMessage: "Este CEP não é válido")

    ruleThis.insert(object: segmentedOption,
        function: checkIfIsSelected, errorLabel: labelMessageSegmented,
        errorMessage: "Por favor selecione uma das opções.")

Then you make a function validation to the object assigned. This coule be simple as

func checkIfTextIsBlank(obj: AnyObject?) -> Bool
    var result = false
    if let object = obj as? UITextField {
        if !object.text!.isEmpty { // if is not nil.
            result = true

    return result

or a little more complex like this (a validation check for social number in Brazil), and the results are below:

validating screen in iOS with Swift

validating screen in iOS with Swift

For me the results are cool and work! I really enjoy work with Swift. 🙂

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